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Comparison of Anti-coagulation and Anti-platelet Therapies for Intracranial Vascular Atherostenosis (CAPTIVA)

Study-specific Required Training Materials


Additional Training / Certifications

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  • CAPTIVA Recruitment: Diversity & Inclusion in Clinical Trials
  • NIH Stroke Scale
  • modified Rankin Scale (mRS)
  • MoCA - To obtain MoCA certification free of charge:
    1. Visit using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.
    2. Click on “Sign In/Register” on the home page.
    3. Register for an individual account as “Myself” then Researcher.” You will receive a confirmation email to activate your account. Check Spam folder if needed.
    4. Once activated, log in to your account. Proceed to the "Training & Certification" page.
    5. Scroll halfway down the page and click on the “Get Certified” button.
    6. Near the bottom, right-hand side, select “Click Here” underneath “Are you a full-time student, professor, or academic researcher?”
    7. Submit the IRB approval (local or cIRB) for CAPTIVA. A pop-up window will confirm the file was indeed uploaded. The verification process takes about 1 business day.
    8. Follow the instructions provided in verification email to complete certification
  • AMBRA Imaging Upload Presentation