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Mid America Regional Coordinating Center (MARCC)

Mid America Regional Coordinating Center (MARCC)

StrokeNet RCC28 Mid-America Regional Coordinating Center (MARCC) at Washington University School of Medicine (WU) and affiliated Barnes-Jewish Hospital (BJH), in collaboration with six other high-volume tertiary care Stroke Centers spanning the Midwestern and Southern states of MO, KS, IL, TN:  Southern Illinois Healthcare, Carbondale, IL; University of Missouri, Columbia, MO;  St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, MO; The Order of St. Francis Medical Center (OSF) in Peoria, IL; University of Tennessee Health Sciences in Memphis, TN; Cox Medical Center in Springfield, MO. Each of these medical centers is a tertiary care hub with large networks of referring hospitals, and have extensive experience participating in multi-center stroke trials. Drawing from both rural and urban settings, the hospitals of RCC 28 MARCC admit almost 7,000 stroke patients per year, including patients from diverse racial backgrounds and socioeconomic strata. Moreover, the collective group of stroke clinicians, investigators, and scientists that will participate in MARCC have diverse expertise that will permit the implementation of stroke trials across the translational and treatment spectrum.  We look forward to expanding our network and patient enrollment further in the next StrokeNet cycle to continue to meet the joint goals of this network.


Co-Principal Investigator
Andria L. Ford, MD, MSCI
Professor of Neurology & Radiology
Section Head, Cerebrovascular Diseases
Director, Stroke Patient Access Core
Washington University School of Medicine

 2 Ford Andria_Neuro_#04_cropped

Co-Principal Investigator
Peter D. Panagos, MD
Professor of Emergency Medicine
Co-Director, Stroke & Cerebrovascular Center
Washington University School of Medicine

   Peter Pangos3 pic MARCC

Clinical Coordinator
Jenny Babka, RN, BSN
Clinical Research Specialist
Washington University School of Medicine

Affiliated Satellites:
Southern Illinois Healthcare (Site PI:  Andrea Loggini, MD, MBBA)
     Neurology Program Coordinator:  Jessie Henson, BSN, RN, SCRN
   Dr. Loggini Carbondale picture
 University of Missouri (Site PI:  Camilo R. Gomez, MD, MBBA
   Clinical Research Nurse:  Andrea Bright, MPH, BSN, RN, CCRP
   Portrait Picture - Cropped Dr. Gomez_
Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City (Site PI:  Karin Olds, MD)
     Coordinator:  Debbie Summers
   Mid America Regional Coordinating Center (MARCC)
OSF Saint Francis Medical Center Peoria (Site PI:  Arun Talkad, MD)
     Coordinator:  Jennifer Bandy
Cox Medical Center, Springfield, MO (Site PI: Benjamin Lisle, MD)
     Coordinator: Jessica Ratcliff, Sam Atkinson
 UT Memphis Health Center (Co-Investigator (Balaji Krishnaiah, MD)
      Research Leader:  Quentin Thacker, MD
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